Architecture and Engineering

The architecture and engineering of the Colosseum is unique.  Of particular interest for the purposes of future restoration and development, is to consider the dimensions.  The concept of building a soccer pitch in the colosseum will likely require an elevation of the flooring beyond the original central arena area.

Colosseum Dimensions

Information about the specific dimensions of the Colosseum site and arena can be found on various website including ColosseumRomanlifePlanetware and Wikipedia.  Generally, it is described as an elliptical with a length of 189m (620 feet), height 48m (158 feet) and width 156m (512 feet). There are varied measurements referenced in relation to the central area of the arena but generally is is described as ranging from 76-88m (250-287 ft) long and 46-55m (150-180 ft) wide. The wall surrounding the Arena and protecting the spectators was 5m (15 ft) high.  Unesco studies have also considered the surrounding Soil Behaviour.

Football/Soccer Pitch

A FIFA regulation pitch is described as being somewhere between 90-120 m long and 45-90m wide.

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