Space Construction and Haul

I awoke a recent morning without agenda and turned to contemplating purchasing additional property as investment for my young daughter. You know how that is!? Can’t get enough of nature’s bounty or maybe someday require shelter; buy Real Estate. Especially exhilarating is competing for a swath of land on an over-populated earth, inundated with imaginary excess cash-flow. This is how things get started when dad needs to feel useful.

So I began, as per normal, theorizing the necessary steps and potential needs and places of information and types of examination and absolute necessities and hypothetical outcomes and intense analysis . . . . . . . . . . Whereupon I began envisioning political situations, religious fanaticism, environmental decay, ozone depletion, nuclear fall-out, tsunami, famine, pestilence . . . . . . . . . . I drew a list, of expecting to mobilize, agents I knew or know and brokers, lawyers, financial advisers, property tax specialists and even bless his soul my favourite shoeshine guy. So I narrowed my choices to cottage country, farmland, bungalow in the suburbs, high density condo, converted boxcar, or igloo on ice patch.

The result of speculation and a deep look into the future, probably on behalf of relatives that don’t as yet exist, if they ever will, is that I need a tailor made investment vehicle. Can I purchase property on a Planet? Actually can I buy an entire Planet? Good Lord, a Galaxy, allow me to sign on a dotted line. (they still do that?)  Like, right now! I don’t want to make the same mistake as I did with Apple, when I had it available to me at a pittance of it’s current worth. I want to buy a couple of acres on Mars, just for starter’s. Maybe Saturn next and a volume of gaseousness. The condominium I’m currently living in occupies a place in H2O, eighteen floors above ground. Might discover atmosphere that would seem uninhabitable, simple to manipulate for the sustaining of life operating as an external lung. Is there currently a future’s market withThe-_Universe_Is_Alive legal standing whereby I can receive a deed, on a celestial body and particles within? This could be an opportunity for Bitcoin or Ethereum as a transitioning to legitimacy.  I’m clueless as to the benefits of an imaginary currency and what else can one call it, if I can’t relate it’s use, relative to buying a can of pea’s at my neighbourhood supermarket. However, I can by guessing, that in eliminating the sophisticated math the simple equation probably reads something like, Promise+Effort=Benefit and in the end game, everyone can ask themselves if it was all worth it or did I get ripped off again. Mining for cyrptocurrency and the concept of chainblocks may become the perfect medium for a civilization that includes the galaxies. For Capitalism to thrive  it requires a playground, choice and taxability. Cyrptocurrency transactions in space related to protected property rights may find transitioning to earthly hard currency with a separate domain. The universe is an oyster and Space Force will be the authority and security of property rights in space.


I direct your attention to Boston Dynamics and it’s product list: Big Dog, Cheetah, PETMAN, LS3, Atlas, SpotMini and Handle. You Tube, to visualize the meteoric rise of Robotics and ask yourself; Where are we going? Well for myself the future is self evident and it”s just a matter of time before it becomes space. I believe in buying into a piece of that action on the ground floor. The ground floor has always predicated considerable worth to location, location, location. Therefore, I’m assuming that potential start up industries will place emphasis on research of planets and spaces that may deserve our energy. We will mobilize to accelerate and motivate with entities, collectives, organizations, clubs or highly industrious individuals willing to commit thought and effort to discover the necessary elements and conditions for a successful foray into the unknown. Certainly more productive than driving your car to and fro, aimlessly all day, without objective, just to fray your n1-petman-roboterves. A recent concept of intrigue and potential is Solar Sails and if successful would add influence to exploring the universe and other applications, similar to miniature cameras that navigate our bodies detecting cancers or administering repairs in unison with microbotics.

I am in admiration of Yasaku Maezawa’s and his conceptually brilliant purchase of a private spaceflight around the moon, with an invitation to voyage in his company six to eight prominent artists, at his expense. The #dearMoon project initiates our universe to be explored by humans other than flight and science technicians. A viewpoint of space that at times seems hostile and unreachable to be bridged with divergent examination is a significant ticket towards success.  I believe that space will be a palpable, natural, erotic and dynamic future for mankind. Where’s my boarding pass?





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