The Whole Nine Yards

“And this too shall pass” Biblical


Suspiciously prognosticating, I could see this coming, combining limited high school science knowledge and having shared a decent amount of palliative hospital sorrow with a dearly departed. First glimmer of bicycle weather, presented escape, from the families coordinated, hunkered-down, quarantine headquarter, slash, cuckoo’s nest, to enter an outside world, trying my luck with newly implemented public health protocol requiring, ‘social distancing’, or should be aptly described as, ‘mental distancing’. Heard somewhere, a serious leader claim, we aren’t socially or economically constructed to endure, self-inflicted precautionary all-encompassing shutdowns, protecting against an invisible enemy virus. I haven’t slept this fondly since my last trip to sparsity, in vicinity of our family farm. We subsist embedded in Toronto’s city jungle and to find normally bustling streets evacuated, exaggeration begins to hear, a pin drop. An oddity has taken place, displacing the casual savagery. Deployed to humanities front line my entire adulthood, a suddenly now threatened into extinction career, this change is a refresh. I could become accustomed. Hardly surprise as to why leadership, with collective zeal, is in full attempt to piece Humpty Dumpty together again. Freedom is beautiful to behold and with it, the multitude including those plainly incapable of physically restored, may ponder moving off the plantation, forever. Cobbling the fragile bonds that engulf man together, has never been easy, even in the best of times.

download (1)It’s quite evident this isn’t for all, a looming threat of horrible, painful, lonely death, added punishment for loved ones mourning in absentia, however, put that aside and this episode has been a breath of fresh air. Apparently India is mystified. Looking to the skies, invisible of littering airplanes, open spaces between clouds, void the rumble of artificial breaking speed noise, removes the mind from pressure affiliated with pace, to and fro. ‘Twas a peaceful rainy day feel that never seemed to end’. The racket buzz of steel glass plastic cars, replaced by silent scents, portends an impend arrival of hummingbirds, mosquitoes, butterflies and bees, ever so benevolent by suggestive comparison. Highlight was sequence witness, a pole fisherman catch decent length gill, cautiously photographed with lawfully distanced pride by admirers, along a devotedly traversed route, touching the Don River banks on Cabbagetown periphery, a mere stones throw from the Toronto Stock Exchange. Buses that cavalierly carriage free slaves, packed as canned sardines, saunter by in emptiness, instigate thoughts of conversion to stretch limousine or mobile home. It all felt quaint and civilized, as though meant to be. Crossing our byways and highways, the noticeably fewer motorists are liberated to movement, in fashion intended by bygone city planners design projections, as my senses are shattered from such obvious sensibility.

We were smitten in outrageously referencing our society ‘the rat race’ during my teens and this unabated pyramid scheme for decades exponentially multiplied, so imagine the size and number of them now…. Hearing another infamous leader chime “We have to plan restarting life”. Maybe it be a good time to reconsider some of our prior failed follies but powers that be, seem to still be paralyzed, lamenting. Grieving is, as functioning adults know, a stage, before determining an objective way to move onward. Expropriation of lands from other forms of life would deem to need, halt. Depopulation, reclaiming slums, cessation in creation of new ready made slums, growing local and sustainable development would be fulfillment of some wonderful concepts, begging implementation. The oddity in these words is that I’m a right wing liberal. Whatever that still implies. It doesn’t mean destroying the planet. Efficiencies prolonged, turn into deficiencies. A former now deceased Canadian Prime Minister as well philosophic theorist, argued during a university visit to South America that political systems are engine’s, when successfully running, are depended upon, to solve a countries evolving national interests and these systems may need to change should conditions require drastic action.


Golly, who was aware the rarely lucrative ‘restaurant business’ was vital to the socioeconomic dynamics of nation building. Appears that food and booze served in a preferred setting, is the glue that holds communities together. Livelihoods I had contemplated studying, to complete my soul, have lost luster during pandemic. An epic accident of fate, has elevated my self-worth from the trash heap of the ketchup industry. Engineer, architect, human trafficker, physician, epidemiologist, drug dealer, marketer, lobbyist, politician, gaming operator, officer, diplomat, administrator, pimp, corporate lawyer, criminal lawyer, journalist . . . , coalesce their brain thrust and lubricate our financial system through patronage of the hospitality trade. Suggestions of gloves, mask, thermometer and who knows, a child’s playful wishful stethoscope, could be sophisticated trickery of promotion but how to draw energy to proceed, with suspect opportunity to gain, should it all be wasted, displaced effort. Mapping a way needs vision. Foreshadow a swell of plague, should we return to previous habit and can we ignore this premise, when crafting solutions. Historically, supernatural events were attached to omens delivered by soothsayers warning humans to impending unknown dangers. Before and after predictions, ‘I told you so’, are forgotten, until the next approach of high body count. The unfortunate side effect of genius pharmaceutical development, is false security, exposing us to ever increasing vulnerabilities of calamity, in our misplaced belief in science superiority. We need to apply layered defensive approaches to our survival, given that mad men in control, periodically run distrustful, a forgone recognized tendency. Conundrum when wise men discard their appreciation to awe, anything but themselves. Nature won’t be outmaneuvered. Begrudgingly, we shall learn to cohabitate with other living, or face an ugly surrender. Adjustments wouldn’t be profound upon the arrival of an acceptance. Our foundations utilized properly could make us healthy and prosperous. Uncompromising greed, is the real virus.


Cycling along, observing unusual, contributing self induced amusement enhancement imagery, I was undesirably revisited by an absurd dark visual, from a particularly disturbing movie. Dennis Hopper is responsible for a collage of mind numbing theatrical performances, interrupting two generations of who’s who in Hollywood. Cataloging a subconscious list of sick cinematic memorabilia is short, mostly the result of infrequent dead time or derived from unwanted invitations, as ‘must see’. Sometimes there’s absolutely nothing else to watch and while lulling, the quality of filming engrosses, capturing an outpouring of deranged passion, submitting to squirm. ‘Blue Velvet’ and other things ‘Lynch’ or genre and scenes accredited to Hopper are unbearable to watch without prior conditioning to morbid cynicism. His portrayals messaged controversy and skirted realms of twisted.

Jargon familiar for insiders, lined-up, packed, in the weeds, my four four tops seated, a charmingly placed love couch overlooking a bustling outdoor patio was being reset by staff, as I was picking up drinks from the service bar. Returning to intersect a fellow waiter, he and I having come board this fledgling tour, from separate postings, when one could shoot cannon through our dining room and strike loneliness. Each week our stature as ‘hot spot’ was elevated and camaraderie was gaining hold in this shared accomplishment. Dino, an endearing personality, dutiful, organized, efficient and thoughtful, possessed the qualities of an A grade employee. Initially a part time commitment, we hired into placement because of similar profiles, regularly in the service of powerful, intelligent and prolific people. Identically in mid-life, wasn’t much we hadn’t seen, so when Dino gave an exuberant grin, as if flashing all the keys on a baby grand piano and threw his hitchhiking fist with thumb over his shoulder, this motion clearing the tassel of hair from his lively eyes, awaring me “You’ve got Dennis Hopper”, was another notch, indicating we were hitting the top of our game, which is why we play. Twelve paces around a pillar, in those moments having grafted from air, said recognition, was to the next, looking at Hopper, leaning forward and sideways over the table with a menu in hand, glancing back his female companion, adjusting, seemingly perturbed, into her position of cushy plush leather. “You got a burger”? Placing down the menu he probably hadn’t looked at, making a circular gesture with both hands suggesting the preferred size of patty, his head tilting repeatedly, the eyebrows motioning peek at my wanted portion, he said, “I just want a burger, you got a burger”? “I want a burger”! I refrained because patron’s were within earshot, instead internalized my response, ‘You want a _uckin’ burger, I’ve got a _uckin’ burger’. For providing me over the years, hours of thought provoking, certifiable, film entertainment, I’ll produce one, ‘come hell or high water’. He’d probably have laughed and if the clock permitted, I’d have ventured probe of his disposition. Feasibility, prioritizing, prerogative, perk, standing, goodwill, command structure and a capable distribution of responsibility are a number of elements, functioning waiter’s filter to complete tasks. Customer obligation consumed my concentration. On advancing and having received his affirmatives, still carrying alcohol on my tray during interruption, continued with delivery, then headed to see chef about mincing a steak, peeling potatoes and agreeing to send my busboy to purchase condiments, further along to the bakery for hamburger buns. Reactions to this blurring emotional pace of rigmarole, are suspended, then reconvened to digest in the solace comfort of bed, where your mind is a darkroom, reflectively reprocessing snapshots of events, leading to releases of delayed amusement, sorrow, shock, discovery and stamping indelible marks on later to become hardened opinions. The space separating an actor’s on screen persona, to real-life aura, seem negligible. Who and why they really are, well, it takes a lifetime understanding oneself. Film gimmickry and sleight of hand shan’t obscure a rabid public, from idealizing their favorite. To do so would defeat the purpose of adulation, connecting to remunerative interests. However, and here I’m not dissecting Hopper, having had robust intimate contact with movie star’s and celebrated musicians, bit my lip, prohibitively cancelling from asking, “you do actually understand the implications of your film, do you grasp the significance of your ‘popular song’? The disconnect is numbing, or maybe it’s us, or me, or the audience, drawing pie in the sky, of malleable performers, guided by an ensemble of direction and an undefined personal belief system. Interpret as generalization, that impressionability and detachment, are applicable constructive methods, as if canvass, of an actor’s art form. On the other hand we have Dennis and I doubt just anyone would have crawled beneath his skin, to take a good look under the hood and examine influences of his distress and torment. Some having attempted to brush up uncomfortably close, were forced to leave disillusioned. A counterweight to tinseltown reputation, he was fearsome, sometimes loathsome, the bad boy was always hardcore authentic, appreciated among his and my piers for his work. Certainly an engrossing guy to encounter, valuing spirited insight but you probably couldn’t want to live there, for preservation of ones sanity and only if you happen to know what’s good for you. I’d give him this unmatched legacy. The lesson, personified, avoid evil, it isn’t pleasant. I had the good fortune, to briefly, bask in his presence, demented as that might be. (6)download (8)download (3)images (3)gettyimages_156487824images (4)imagesimages (2)hopper_lrggettyimages-542256034-612x612

The strange about this virus, is how it has rendered our intelligentsia, downright stupid. I consider this the upside. It places the power of humans in perspective, relatively speaking, in light of the unknown vastness of, you know, the universe. Of course we have to worry about the downside, that being, we completely lose it. In that case, grab a rake, for gathering of dead leave’s we are about to receive and prepare ourselves for the next growing season, whenever good fortune should provide us opportunity. For other’s, things could get downright dicey, turning into something resembling, a dog eat dog world. We expend endless amounts of energy, selling theories (bullshit) we absorb ourselves into trusting, discounting every evidence, as it’s linked to a means of financial reward. There’s the crux. I wait on the novelty and distinction of receiving my first government check, never having utilized the welfare or unemployment system. Things change. Fascinating to see our way of life inverse. I feel like bursting into laughter but we must for sake of appearance’s, remain solemn.  Government assistance is sending us money en masse to sit at home. Will wonders ever cease. Organized crime is in crisis. Amusingly, that’s always messy. And they scratch their heads, huh, feigning surprise, huh, about what amounts to temporarily ordering soft martial law, generating the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. This is what cheap labor brought our continent, mass destruction. Imbeciles. Blowback ramifications to ameliorate the entire system from crashing will be interesting, mighty interesting indeed. Knowing my fellow man from many sides of this equation, they’ll be chasing and dodging these monies all over Gods acreages for years to come. A likewise stunning anomaly, television doctor’s and health professionals insinuating to represent integrity. False Gods. Updated. Fake Gods. Their tentacles, scour the globe, probe every crevasse, came weeks, months, late to the party, without venturing even a contrived diagnosis. How useless are they. Why are we providing them our attention. My pets serve better as early detection warning systems and can’t speak the lingo, nor are we beached in far away tsunamiville. Dontcha know. Highly dubious, doesn’t add up, for ‘the evening enlightenment’ to be this out of the loop, at bare, have courtesy to lay ground work assessing these images from the east, hundreds of bio-suited teams spraying city streets with lord knows, what kind of chemicals. It’s not a healthy look. Am I to understand, skeptically, computer models forecast this disaster? Are we off human input altogether and have the high tech martial art guru puppet billionaire giants, become mere talking heads to their robot master’s? Did a supercomputer and a batch of humanoid zombie operatives order this up? Walking dead? Is the 010101010101010101 dial, set to high probability loss ratio? People I was indulging, surmised this incoming pandemic problem, minus a medical background or foresight from access to hundreds of employees in corporate tech networks. Before Christmas an uptick of transit commuter’s wearing masks was noticeable, due to foreign exchange student’s in our neighborhood college. Overheard a couple chattering, some wear masks to hide their acne, resulting from soot. How gullible am I. Meantime the House of Representative’s was focusing it’s insights on eating, or growing, or canning peaches, or something or other. What the heck was that about? Circumventing democracy? Why celebrate with gusto, women’s suffrage, to a century later water down and disenfranchise every citizen’s vote. The fourth pillar is complicit due to lethargy, performing the prerequisite qualifier of their mandate, mainly rigorous investigative journalism. They don’t seem remotely moved to outgrowing their useless pretenses, because the truth is increasingly inconveniencing their sponsor’s agenda’s and the days of deducing life saving tidbits from their manipulations, are kaputski. The question is, who’s pocket is W.H.O. in. Certainly no one I know, directly. Demeaning the motive’s of people isn’t what this is about, as optimism is a virtue I best cling to, but comes a time, things get out of hand and we need intervention. I’m convinced this virus, is that. An intervention. If your okay, don’t bother paying attention but continue to follow the guidelines provided by your province or state ministries, to a tee, additionally tailoring them to your criteria of common sense. If you don’t happen to survive, you can find solace knowing, that you knew, ‘only the strong survive’. The rest needs to be ignored, for their own sake, as taking themselves too seriously isn’t helping. Delightful in observation, is our controller’s rationale, as they seem sad and ever unhappier, yet manage never take an eyeball off the main prize of clinging to power, even be it we’re all depleted to death and there’s nothing left to power. My peeve with progressive liberal communism, it desperately needs someone to communist. Prejudice is an ingrained defensive mechanism, when it shows up in the collective as a weapon to subordinate, becomes an uncompromising vicious animalistic mob. Is giving up to communal thunk comforting, rather than brave singular expression? I would argue that larger mass is cumbersome and oppressive, the individual free and nimble. The one threaten’s at every level, the other open to possibilities of assorted comprehension. A babbling authority figure, unwittingly spewing matter’s of fact, perceived as foresight to his constituents, interlinked to discussion of mortality rate statistics, stated “we’re all going to die eventually,” anyway. Glory, they are now indulging in lecturing the apparent, as strategy to make us feel better. It’s stretch to believe, this governor of large jurisdiction, has ever been to funeral and there contemplated implications of biblical affairs. If you wonder how scenarios like Jonestown and Flavor Aid happen, look no further. Me, I’m running, running like that American citizen upon realization of crashing wave, dashing away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, it’s distant related precursors Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But Where? We created the monster, now we need to put this Chernobyl, Three Mile Island type genie, back in a bottle before we exterminate. I’m tired of them saying we’re all in this together, because if we were, you’d have been following my advice. I’m tired of them thanking anyone and everyone who’s listening, as substitute for payment in helping the distressed, because good intentions have never been affordable. Sounds like begging. Who do you think you’re fooling. Just make sure you have the wherewithal to keep feeding me. What’s with the steady stream of attacks on worshipers? I know members of my sect can be hyperbolic, but no more or less, than any other relevant group of religious and institutional fanatics. Ain’t no better policy, ‘moving forward’ (an overused catch phrase that ill’s me, where’s that bloody cliff?) than removing any breath of hope to your fellow followers. This is a winning formula? Stigmatizing the quality of our mental capacity, as master plan, to eliminate our doubting the possibility of an afterlife! Give us something. Com’on throw us a bone. A warning would do, otherwise leave us, to our own vices and our way of expiring. People devoured by science are morons of special sort, smearing themselves in omniscient stoicism, like honeytrap, they come across unaware as crude instruments of the devil. Research, experimentation, hypothesis, out the window, when spirituality becomes the topic, simply because it isn’t tangible. They’ve turned it toxic. They need tangible. Microscoping lounge time vacillating whether the covid-19 catastrophe was intentional, or a breakdown in shoddy enterprise, (most likely) fluctuates. Either deserve outrage and an ensuing explanation is essential to determine a first step towards healing, however, the invested are busy diverting our attention, from a definitive answer. To me, just like they, we’ve all become part of the same problem, which is the problem. I need a bit of space, to breath and grow and find myself, then maybe I and the rest of the world, we can hook up again and find a solution to these troubles, or if need be, go our separate ways. (permanently). No hard feelings, we just weren’t meant to be, you and I. I’m sure you’ll find someone else to manipulate, hopefully on another planet, in the mean time let the judicial system run it’s course assessing blame, if it can locate it’s misplaced scales of justice and blindfold. Initially, you’ll have to clear the buildings of lawyer’s and the body politic, fumigate, then search again. Oh yes here it is. The statue of liberty. Needs a good wash. Whoever or whatever unleashed the conditions of our hardship, screwed up, big time, because they’ve screwed a system that needed to be screwed on behalf of all the living things it was screwing. For me the seed of this destruction was planted with Sunday shopping. I new something irked me then and they went ahead and did it, without my consent. Instead, we should have cut our hours of labor, added a day of leisure and extended religious holiday’s. Disheartening, is finding my idealized childhood hero’s, for their profundity, performing music as shtick, while background slot machines, roll out sounds of jingle jangle, between guitar licks, bing bang bong. Feel good words and meaning, have lost value. At the cusp, we were sold out, to carpetbagger’s. I’m guessing all those joints we smoked, dumbed us down, made us lazy. While I’m in this area of poker chips and touch screens, here we find example, of good intention, turned nightmarish. Our public transport seating is arranged to facilitate conversation among strangers, when in the company of a hostile, glaring us, we uniformly become hostage to a steady diet of deranged, or walk. Can’t tell you how much I miss the lunacy. As we sit there singing ‘Kumbaya’,  spittle visibly or invisibly all over each other, thrashing around, holding for dear life to our handheld technology, between stops picking at it with our finger, like someone’s nose and no less applying make-up, because we got up late, as some guy, who hasn’t washed his torso in six days wants the window seat, ‘gotta get to work’, ‘gotta get to work’, a too loud, yoga vegan tattooed environmentalist who’s multi-manifold fuel injection car broke down at the airport, “yeah, I’m on the bus, no, no, seriously, I’m taking a bus”, and as you place that cellphone to your mouth to answer dad’s call, overhearing the latest tomorrow, some children in New York have died mysteriously, might be virus related, well you can see why everything has gone to shit, until we have a vaccine. Or Plan B. I’m in for plan B. By the way, I’m not George Carlin.

Here, I have to give a shout out, addressing two groups of personal concern. My fellow restaurant workers must be insanely fidgety, given the physical and cerebral qualities of our occupation, having been squashed, like bugs, from employment. Waiter’s in their secretly nameless contribution, ‘disseminating thought’ and for those that wholeheartedly deserve to be in this field, appreciating the unique feature’s of our job description, I sympathize, especially the youthful, capable and exuberant. Hopefully the duration of your inconvenience is short, although I’m sure the emotionally stable will adjust without fuss and move into other opportunities, representing your numerous skills. Consternation is directed at the hygienic aspects of duty, accounting for most of what we do as second nature, in preparation for receiving and during the service of our guests. Under normal conditions this work load in the hands of conscientious employees is essential and therefore can’t be understated, time consuming. With the advent of this pandemic atmosphere, the idea of fulfilling intimate service safely, is stretched from logic, in particular when assessing those segments of our work force, that are altogether incapable, of this expected performance. They become a menacing hindrance. Training and overseeing people who should already have been put to pasture, as they were never remotely capable of achieving the fundamental standard, well, this mountain is too steep to scale, rationally. The profit margins will disintegrate and the paranoia of advancing germophobia, disable our jobs disagreeable. This of course is my humble opinion. Until the disease is eradicated or designated boundary type conditions secured, to strictly protect abiding groups in isolation, I won’t be a customer to any location, what’s the point of being an employee. This leads me to regard the status of high-octane performer’s, including the casual philosophic adherent’s of physical fitness, correlating the symbiotic relationship of body and mind. I feel terrible for our professional athlete’s and the egregious livestock treatment they’ve been forced to swallow, mummifying men of action to mute. It’s a cruel world we live in. The strongest, quickest, flexible, mathematically accurate member’s of our physical world are forced to park their specimen bodies and add insult to injury, devoid them of noticeably participating as moral compass, to following in footsteps youth, who are in evident need of continuity. Admittedly bizarre, we can’t place sport’s legends, into hospitals or direct social contact with fans, because apparently the healthiest are unwittingly rabid spreader’s of this pandemic, alarmingly infecting those with weakened immune systems and compromised organs. Protecting the vulnerable is a cornerstone, to a thriving compassionate civilization and humiliating that we find our elderly in nursing homes ignorantly sacrificed. Helpful honest input should be dialed in remotely, communicating with past and present athlete’s, unbridled, uncensored, unapologetic views as contribution to solution and counterweight to verbal diarrhea politicians, irrational opinions, related to unknown positions counter to our countrymen’s needs. It will be curious to examine on sports return, the impact covid-19 has on athletes performance who’ve had the misfortune of contracting this virus. Be patient, for what is man, without the joy of games.


Sci-fi novels, movies and comic books copiously portray villains unleashing bio-warfare and in pursuit, a gaggle of Superhero’s spoiling, to spoil their sadistic entrails, always in the nick of time. Roused into this imaginary world, counting other oddities, finds youthful beginnings with the needle prick of a child’s inoculated arm. Fear and wince, the unwanted forced administrative subjugation of foreign substance into the blood stream, of an awaiting herd of perturbed classmates. We sense our frailties and in lieu of understanding an unknown, summon the superhuman, mixed in supportive good measure super-criter hero, as resource, to help formulate an artificial protective reasoning. Batman, Robin, Cat-woman, Captain Fantastic, Superman, Superwoman, Spider-man and my personal favorite hero’s, from a simpler bygone era, the bad discreetly good, defender’s of social justice, The Outlaw Kid, Kid Colt and Rawhide Kid. Today the glitter of these supernatural figure’s has replacements in the form of space character’s and robot’s, that walk, talk and evidently are able to produce hard up espionage sex to infiltrate. Leadership’s biggest fear? The off switch! When you realize you’ve become your own worst enemy. When psychotics overtake positions of power in their thirst to complicate self-absorbing suicidal tendencies, eliminating everything and everyone with them, to make depraved. Cowards. Drones, have replaced the old world charm of rapacious Al (Kool) Capone and the gang’s notorious hit men, as they mysteriously blow a noggin to smithereens, the unaware target, isolates in desert, during habit of answering a brand new, gifted, no return policy, cell-phone explosive. Clairvoyance, coming soon to a dealership near you, because surveillance by intent is inherently evil, a futuristic self-propelled vehicle, will indulge monitoring every aspect of external and internal surround, includes penchant and quality of your lifestyle. Decidedly disapproving of a dissatisfactory trajectory, self-lock, allow for last-rites if that happens to be part of your dysfunction, permit a final vaping, drive picturesque lakeside, tenderly drown you, may you rest in peace, reverse from the waters, deliver your corpse to crematorium, drop by a car wash for detailing and return to lot, for resale a next potentially failed, unsuspecting victim. (idiot) Alas even as unsafe children we despised being spied upon but for needed parental guidance, saving our bacon, from some obvious. If Moses had to do it all again, the 11th engaging engraved Commandment, THOU SHALT NOT BE A PEEPING-TOM. Stealth bomber’s, facial recognition, fingerprint and retina identification, soon they’ll micro-chip the male member at birth and upon adulthood, charge tax, according to how often I’ve intercoursed my partner, or other stupidity. As I partake viewing our current road rioters, indulging political protest, swearing profanities, coagulating in violent march, was it this way,  centuries ago, fighting tyrannical regime and the use of expletive F.U.C.K. Fornicating Upon Consent Of The King, or version. Modern day argumentative by etymologists denounce this conjecture, yet from linguists in my associations, I stand dubious of recent dismissals. On a wide field, deciphering subtleties is interpretative. Did royal subject enjoy control by Monarch, deep inside the loins of sleeping quarter, without a murmur of conflict? Or does the ruling class find implication of this connotation inconvenient? Who knows, maybe the acronym will evolve into meaning something apparent and profound, if it wasn’t. “Thou doth protest too much”. The future is a battlefield of thought control and mind meld gestalt. So I ask myself in this framework, where they can locate, forget humans, but a particular type of insignificant cockroach, desolate on region planet earth, capture it some distance below the surface membrane, but an entire city can have all it’s movement wiped out by edict and no one knows anything about what’s really going on. Again, I am a gullible guy. It helps in creativity and adventure. Welcome to topsy-turvy downtown Toronto, the present set of ghoulish Gotham City, chock-full stocked with complimentary cast versions of Joker’s, Riddler’s and Penguins. We always had plenty of lunatics, now we have plenty of diverse lunatics. Density and anything related is unfriendly, is what makes this virus ‘so acutely spectacular’. Bring your own bag, don’t bring a bag, we only take cash, we only take cards, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, don’t stand, don’t stand, don’t stand so close to me, false positive, negative negative, negative positive false negative, positive negative false false false, send me out an S.O.S. send me out an S.O.S. message in a bottle, message in a bottle. I heard people are drinking a lot, chug chug chug and work place hostilities, have come home to roost. Divorce is imminent, or as I jokingly heard referenced, ‘released back into the wild’. Who let the dogs out? Break the glass ceiling. Our entire approach to living  has been upended because we outsmarted ourselves, again. Dense. We have rules that usurp the rules. I’m so confused. I think I’ll stay home, or thereabouts. Tranquility is around the corner.


I want a wide berth, the full nine yards. I don’t need to know your philosophy, your views, opinions, beliefs, who you work for, where your from, what you like to eat and how you got here. The suicide hotline number is posted on the subway platforms. If laws provide for six feet, tack on a significantly increased orbit for me, otherwise your terribly close to becoming an enemy combatant, or surely a heathen. Consider me exactly as the character played by William Holden in conclusion of the 1953 movie ‘Stalag 17’. I have an abundance of friends, family, considerations and conditions, without inadvertently being culpable for having endangered their lives, through contact with unidentified diseased mental degenerates. Shocking incident’s, if I cared to relive, would volunteer another chapter. I’ve had female friends claim this virus a godsend because the traditional custom of hugging, grinding and kissing can be omitted. Who new there were so many undesirables in their sphere. This plague could be an enormous premeditated fabricated farcical fiasco for all I care, because more than two months lockdown on, I’m unaware of a single person who’s died from this thing and if I wasn’t connected, this mightn’t seem unusual. From the severity of our institutions reactions, you’d think, we’d be seeing stacks of bodies piled and they’d be scrambling diligently, gleeful to showcase terror. It’s certainly possible that I’ve fought and disposed this virus, back in December during a serious bout and the Parents/Grandparents being of firm stock were mildly impacted. That’s not the point. Point is we started down this road as precaution and if World War 2 didn’t get them, then in the off chance, are coincidentally overreacting, so what? How many times have we heard ‘better safe than sorry’. Yes we’re on the way out but not this flu. Could be something worse but not this flu. Drowning in a bowl of porridge would be far far far better, then some asshole quacks screwing around with virology. We survived the Mengele era (Angel of Death) phase of our lives. Not looking for repeat. Sorry. However, this reexperienced bunker mentality has caused severe hardship to member’s of my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder relatives and won’t any amount of war reparation payments, suffice to comfort. So keep it. Limiting our already diluted movements, restricting the methods of grandchildren interacting with elders, well, we’ll keep this pretense up a wee longer, then set free, have them go out in style, with their boots on, at a place of our choosing. That’s the plan, Stan. See you at the backstretch! We’re dying on the finish line!

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A relative, recently sent informative reading, that deserves a gander. Should be helpful to insightful futures investors.

The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them            Erin Bromage University of Mass Dartmouth

Canada should identify, functioning as the planets lung, ideologically identical to the Amazonian Jungle of Brazil. A one two punch contributing to ecological well-being. This pandemic is a glorious opportunity, speaking as an environmentalist, to reconfigure our economy and create a peaceful coexistence with our fellow critters, insects and plants. I was aghast recently on trek North to pristine Muskoka after some twenty years, to witness incredulous scaring of countryside from an overrun of human manipulations. And equally offensive, the trash, garbage and crap littering the fields. What’s happened to my country? Have we become barbarians? We should eliminate immigration to zilch and decommission human trafficking pawn brokers, as currently we are beautifully diverse, descendants representing a collage of all the peoples in the world. Much the same as Noah’s Ark, this boat has reached maximum capacity. Before we proceed, evidence is needed that other districts in the world are capable of these same policy characteristics, with equitable percentages of diversity, before we allow any more radical alterations to our current structure, otherwise it’s only a flawed exercise in domination. We can’t allow this continued assault on the fundamental values of Canadians. Allowing hordes of invaders to escape their captivity to exploit our wilderness isn’t going to benefit them, or us. Might make us some currency upfront, down the road it’s going to get ugly. Pressure them to address overpopulation, make repairs internally on their ground, for the good of mankind. Continue to hesitate, sink into this quicksand mentality, of lowest common denominator, will suddenly result in, too late. It serves no one. Curtail mundane unneeded travel by every speck of moving molecule to interject on each others domain, as if mop. It’s asinine. We need to appreciate and be responsible for where we’re from. Our movements unless holistic or purposeful should be bike, hike, jog, walk, run, crawl, hop, skip, jump, waddle, swim and a truly balanced puritanical local community transportation system. Take pride enjoying who we are, where we are. The metaphor ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ could soon fail to qualify because at this breakneck rate of deterioration, it will come a horizon, they’ll be no grass whatsoever on the other side. We shouldn’t permit every Tom, Dick, Harry, as part of a work vacation package, pay homage to Jacques Cousteau, in tow a tranche of National Geographic photographers, leading safari a military charge the few remaining elephants or invasion of polar bear, skinny dipping the subarctic circle. There’s been a clatter of bitching about how marine-land and zoo-world or is it zoo-land and marine-world have exploited wildlife to detriment and now we’ve taken this same audience, lock stock and barrel, transported in totality, to harass the concerned in their own enclaves. This is better?  We don’t need another brick in this wall. Many of our inner-city problems are related to ownership and taking away the ability of people to be responsible for some kind of personal space or possession. How much ownership should be relegated to the hands of one person or conglomerate? On the one side you wouldn’t want to abandon ambition, to lazy, on the other hand you don’t want ambition roughshod the rights of the individual. A balancing act it is, however, imperative to temper the widest scope of opportunity, to relieve the masses from a sense oppression. I think racial discord is less severe, than financial greed. If anything, this virus has exposed an obvious weakness that will lead fundamental change, density and over-population is restrictive to decent living and manifests human hardship. I’m against centralized control because it eliminates choice, options and eventually thought. We’re committing the world to fanciful globalist uniformity and transforming into a weak overly exposed singular organism, opposite to preferred strong diverse separate entities, resulting, we can’t afford to make error’s because the surging cancer whence taken hold, will envelop the entire body, rapidly to outright destructive force. Not too bright, placing our fragile collective eggs in one early evolutionary basket. Woe are they who err on our behalf, should they even care. There’s nothing complex about this crystal clear issue, so it feels silly, berating.

Witnessing some first positive signs from good old U.S of A. in years. Rocket launch penetrating space strata, instead of skirmishing, beheadings and anonymous covert violence amok across our globe. Formerly as a liberal apparatchik, had never supported intrusive policies, beginning with the Vietnam War, yet we seem steady quagmire, through any passing administration, from decoupling, despite consuming promises to contrary. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. An ensuing cerebral action would be withdrawal of overblown unfettered military forces, bringing them closer to home and let these great nations resolve disputes, under preferred auspices, enhancing their own identities without interference. Fictionally referred to as the Prime Directive. Also smart is hitting a reset button on 200+years of gratuitous industrial revolution and redo a reexamination of when things were big and we looked bigger. Wouldn’t want to indulge the public notions prude, as I entirely support the awesome adventure of technology, mechanization, super-computers, robotics, genetics, artificial intelligence, my driving concern, the multiplex issue delving into the appropriate dispersal and use. The accident of Covid-19 should serve to curb our consumerism appetite toward focused necessities and gateway restructuring the modus operandi. Smatterings are already hippity hop occurring. This is essential for locations that haven’t been spoiled, ransacked, slaughtered or swallowed entirely. Others shall have ample opportunity in this rejuvenating culture to claw their way back to decent. Megalopolises are growing monuments to irrationality. We have become the infestation that needs to be culled, presumably, hopefully, humanely, as infringing expansion is a death wish and the attaching lifestyle, tunneling towards schizophrenia. Density contributes to mental health disorders, which never amounts of social work, will rectify. It also reduces intimacy and compassion. Cage conditions lead to violence. What’s the rush? Where are we heading? Why so selfish? Do we need to construct so many toilet’s in the sky, that more recently have begun to emulate forms of incarceration, that additionally incorporates enterprising invigorating assumed mortgages, producing a special double whammy, spearheading the wildest hallucinations. Yes, there is a city street self-medication problem. This lid will blow bigtime. Bring back the good old-fashioned outhouse, please. To merely reestablish a standing of sanguine, to again contemplate compromise, consequence will demand protecting and creating space, until we’ve gauged motive’s in a world diseased by frighteningly deceptive intention. Fully believe should we return to a place, removed of incessant congestion, perturbs will resolve themselves and we can plan on maintaining equilibrium. It’s not just about us but the top soil beneath our feet. You’ll not have a movement, of effective human rights reforms, in isolation, until you advocate to honestly arbitrate, respectfully serving all living forms needs. It’s tomfoolery. It’s shenanigans. As we destroy the elements creating us, we will have destroyed ourselves. We need a complete overhaul of current contracts, meaning, that unbearably many will have to climb down from financial positions they’ve established or been clinging, to jackpot. Historically situations similar have led to civil unrest, anarchy, poverty, violent boundary disputes and God forbid, global war. The advantage the America’s still carry is manageable size. We don’t need anymore inhabitants on our side of the pond, as we are fully self sufficient with numbers, as proven during this pandemic. Find it spectacle, frequenting my local food or beverage mart and employees on behalf of management, instructed to solicit we paupers, shaming extrapolation toward a chosen vogue charity. Their internal retail researching, the status of clients, be they some fraction of sum means, they continue as if unaware, that majority are living hand to mouth and likely worse, indignantly, still have the audacity to guilt us into checking if we have fragments of pent up energy to keep the Joneses in their accustomed lifestyle. This clearly isn’t correct. It smacks desperation, adjacent to dishonesty. A clear signal of how poorly leaders are managing resources. Have we witnessed a single significant handout from corporate or private billionaire, funding a currently in need society. (Correction MacKenzie Scott) The rich will unabashedly throw all kinds of cash at manipulating an election. Now I do understand, resources are precious, to competitively keep the industrial complex afloat, particularly while in concoction of vaccine, the mundane peons need gainful employ and molding capital requires a skill set but can our governments refrain from panhandling our point of purchase. Have we lost all perspective. We can individually determine which needy from our pittance surplus to worthy of our donate, as we head out the door to find a half blanketed carcass with dog, before pilfering attempts to ‘head us off at the pass’, of our extra. These extreme’s are indicator’s, a system wobbling out of kilter and on the threshold of collapse.

Having posted the main body of this blog some months ago when my feelings had pulsated, needing release but had left this last part undetermined and will probably continue to do so, ‘what else’, as this pandemic continues havoc, without foreseeable end. Yesterday (October 2020), on ascending our tall building, was joined on elevator the floor immediately below by masked mother and young son, it dawned, a student was in class, stretching past his parent to confirm a gesturing teacher on a handheld device. Jarringly instant egocentric cunning manipulative thought had me salivating upon idea of having had this option during my youth, as diversion to tendencies of travelling daydreaming tardiness. Drawn to asking the boy some questions about functionality, refrained due to penalty reminisce of interrupting class, continued observing the educator lecture with enthusiastic sophistication as though this child, having it been my generation, would be representing a premature elevation to university caliber and disturbingly calculated this same stage of my academia was still valiantly attempting to comprehend three and four letter words. Was he connected live-feed to Harvard? Rewind. Yikes! On hitting brisk morning air, having learned something new in milliseconds of presumptive grade two schooling, was giving my head disbelief shake, recalling my parent’s repeated folktales of trudging through hip high snow, three, four, five miles to a rural community one room school house full of pencils. It’s not wonder to why sorrowfully, we overhear today’s young adults carrying feelings of useless, never mind the delicate status surrounding my age bracket, having watched our inherited galaxy whip past. Muddle on seeking relevancy. Simultaneously while I was reaching back material for other ongoing blogs for blook, took note of Amelia Earhart (pilot) first entering the public school system, into Grade 7 at the age of twelve. Similar to some members of my family tree, she was taught at home as in this case her mother and additionally a governess, luxuries we certainly wouldn’t afford. You’d pray for willing, capable, internal tutelage for minimum stipend. Say a savvy aunt or calculating father.  Today homeschooling is an explosive option. Provide a road map, authorized as curriculum and check all the boxes. Then give us a teacher, if that one isn’t informatively compatible, scrap ’em, give me another. Think you’ve got it figured, reaffirm your knowledge base with a third, fourth, fifth until you’re a confirmed professor and you’ll still have time for spare to begin a second, third or fourth degree. Rotten students deluging our classes as incensed instructor’s frustratingly struggled to gain control inside legally permissible parameters, the unruliness habitually clockwork during entire duration. Not another peep. Next best thing to a food fight. Sure your schooled in various strategies of crowd control. Might come in handy somewhere if ever you find yourself in the midst of pepper spray or confronted by tear gas canisters and users of such projectiles. Waiting for my fellow barbarians to settle their tendencies was a precious waste. After a while it becomes redundantly abusive. Social interaction finds better results in physical education. Laboratory hands on, is best productive with a small group of students. One on one instruction is definitively successful. On the exterior side, hey, I loved driving my daughter to school but hate driving. GPS and staggered starts? Education is big business heading for restructuring. I’m not advocating blowing up the entire system but rather curtailing allotments for strangers babysitting loved ones and in many cases doing a poor job. The tweaking has begun. It’s just that the re-set they’re projecting isn’t to be delivered in a manner anticipated. Surprise. It never does. It’s a pie too full of fingers without taste. Unfortunately everyone has become comfortable with their share, despite corroded qualifications. The dead wood needs to be removed, like in California.        


Vankat was found scuttled in a local dive bar where I confess to finding many of my longstanding associates, languishing. Chiefly those in the throes, where the cycle of life has thrown them backside, fractured, in what could become a permanent way and their will to live is ‘touch and go’. An average watering hole serves as human equivalency to an automotive or aircraft scrapyard carrying useful parts, from a former working whole. I collect these types like candy on Halloween. Discovering ‘how’ makes a person tick is an exploratory adventure. It’s who I am. It isn’t a conscious decision. I get unoccupied easily, so fascinating people are a byproduct. This is what I find or finds me. Always earnest and always with care. A seedy establishment or the black tie affair difference little in volunteering explosive information, often leading to intrigue and sometimes espionage. Maybe it’s this way for everyone. People when in my presence seem to spill their guts in rapid fire, during discreet conversation. They trust I won’t out them and equally important serve as help to solution a cause. This is my edge. This is what turns my crank. This is how I have fun. To extend a courtesy, you have to value yourself and feel good about your person. Of course things don’t always turn out in ways intended. That’s when things can hurt. Love and hate is a dilemma we all encounter. No pain no gain. How can we express the positive without finding a clinging negative. You grow into things before identifying them. Knowledge layered on knowledge creates unexpected elements of adventure. Vankat to some, would be a dime a dozen “I.T.” guy from Mumbai who did a standard middle east run through Bahrain, Abu Dahbi, Dubai dabbling corporate tech military contracts, later branched on his own, Europed and eventually crash landed in North America. To say he’s a difficult friend is an undervalued understatement. He’s also a deep well of applied practical history and understands the intricacies of diverse philosophical theory colliding, that includes parts of the world I haven’t the foggiest but for reading and seeing edited pictures. We did have a unifying catalyst, briefly unperceived, we apparently both ran the full gambit of Catholic education indoctrination, in our respective birth countries. Fascinated by query stored in his still functioning memory hard drive commonly expressed as the human brain  frequency where frequency blows a tire  But I won’t burden you with the highlights of our friendship because it would require you to be there to do it justice which was speculating where technology and the world is heading being the bases of many freimdship is a mutual desire for survival and intrigue Succesful in busness the ahbu dabi Dubai route sprinkled with military contracts but exhausted discovery happens by going over the same terraine tweaking and contibutions are collisions of thought and perception explained understood built upon and fascinated and the trip is long so it needs to be fun. I use remembrance of the geius of Vankat as a lead in some speculation we had together and you  may never find mention of him again, but give credit for a fabulous mind rife with issues

humans by design are encroachment oriented given the power will use it to fullfill

December 27th time 9:50 Am 2020  idea of transferring a persons phone # or connectivity to another person tech device.

Went to visit my friend Herzog

Repeating unsaved portion on December 27th time 9:59 Am 2020 idea of transferring phone # or connectivity to another person tech device

rare earth minerals and the gold standard  without reason to gain value in a nuclear weaponized world gone are the days of stagecoach running gold for hired guns. Expedient to expedite

we can see the future what has been imagined will be rwlized though  shrowded be the direction

it’s time to usher in a brave new world, but actually. Not to get bogged down with  today’s societal experience’s , reflected by members of my families youth who with the daring of any question remotely significant, pull out with must be practiced, fluid motion fervor, evident aura of self-aggrandizement, there hand held, second head information center, as if wild west gunslinger dependent on the quick draw for survival, just to provide irrelivance, to my ignorance, as if I be receipient to a final fatal bullet to the archaic.  It’s not a wonder observing the  generational mailaise, burnout and abandonment so early into adulthood. Soon the stress test will implicate more than our financial banking system as it spread’s into eliminating drivers, tellers, checker’s, purvayor’s, handler’s bagger’s similar to the way waiter’s once lite there customer’s cigarette’s went the way of done, over and out. Further absorb ourselves with the seven deadly sins, of course. Pride,     Hey I’m not pretending to be some kind of innocent saint type, I’m just as guilty as most, what worries me is the extremly sickly guilty that twist the truth make there way into positions of power usurping the live and let live crowd, leading us to a global Sodom and Gomorrah outcome.

As I literally role out of bed, position my head as not to be impolite, would have otherwise included my elbow, to attend an online staff meeting, I’m loving this, I mean, I am loving this. Extinguished is the need to hurry through routine procedures, such as a perfectly adjusted shower temperature, careful shave, search for matching sock, press pants, tie tie, worry about state of the ‘son of a gun’ SUV, repeatedly stuck in traffic, press gas pedal, press brake, press gas pedal, press brake, idling twenty deep for a lineup of habitual coffee and d-nuts, you can flip all this into feeling good about yourself not wasting time or gas or wear and tear, captured in vicious cycle like hamster spinning in wheel. Just bring brain. Straight from silent sleep, think in on a virtual meeting, where virtually zero might be happening anyway but for exchanges of bravado to justify expected levels of salary, that is usually not mine. Talk about saving myself humongous amounts of tick-tock. Instead of physically zooming in and out of these gatherings, pretending scatterbrain due to rushed busy, returning to a now coronavirused cubicle, instead simply produce a cardboard cutout of our favorite bikini location, rolling back into bed to listen to everyone’s machinations. Gone from interpretation are the forbidding glaring stare’s of echelon and a clearer cut to facts, reducing redundancy. Needless to say, there can be gains in participating, more so when we scratch the bullshit of getting there. Virtual technology presents challenges to the status quo because it eliminates waste. Currently waste is a primary source of production. If we run efficiently we obsolete 60 to 70% of our economy. The fulfillment of human contact smorgasbord, to grapple, probe, frisk, dismantle, ego stroke, judge, ally, strategies, join forces, defeat, spar, demean, shame, prestige, jealous, laughter, share…. well basically what makes man a spirit, be it for evil or good is altered by this new medium. For many, virtual communication liberates, pushing to the sidelines the control freaks that make life uncomfortable, worse if unbearable. This advancing technology revolutionizes the need for unmitigated travel, providing new opportunities in alternative production, reexamined self awareness, strengthened independent thinking and expanded leisure, all attached hand in hand to increased education. Less is more, quality over quantity,  possession of craftsmanship, instead of unlimited irrelevant trinkets and toys. Redonkulous you say? If you’re committed to higher education in any field how can you honestly support this current kind of unsustainable, bottom of the pit economics. The planet according to most recent census is 7.6 billion. Removing friction and conflict is terrible for an economy that demands an inorganic lifestyle for it’s primary source of  activity. In a pinch to travel distances for specialty exceptions could be accomidated otherwise slow will be cleaner and better. Jetisoning hundreds of humans in a steel tube with wings expropriates enormose amount of energy for the sake of speed . Turning planet earth into desolate planet mars or a gaseous cloud Jupiter is radical. We don’t need to recreate an atmosphere here on earth to practice in before our attempts to conquer space.  Professorship in commonsense tutelage must include reviews outside a specialty programming vaccum, instead of intermitently servicing as breeding grounds for jadded prolonged adolesence. Schools have become thought control centers instead of sticking to criteria’s of  knowledge studies and information.

Schools are like places of cattle

Curtailing the auto-mobile-motion industry is an extrodinary hit to every aspect of our economy, because the proto made for everyone’s personalized tank is resposible for a percentage over 90 of all human involment and endeavor. Oils plastics lubricants steel glass aluminum copper  If we innitiate a poison bullet hit on our population advantaging our computer advancement superiority, we can eliminate large volumes of waste.

It begins innocently, first it’s about protecting rights, then when that has been acheived and are empowered they begin taking rights away from others, in there infinite wisdom.

I shaved my head today


The Human is a very important species but each one he destroys or pushes to irrelivance or tries to water down the significance of is a nail in our own coffin

The revived importance of the family unit from it central location

We haven’t reached catharsis because I don’t think anyone or any group has begun to address the situation clear headedly.

problem in our system is decent people tend not to be involved in politics, they’re generally happier therefore less ruthless, it the squekey wheel gets the grease types

To die in peace, we need to live in peace.

We search the universe to find and understand God not to use our science to destroy our hope of eternity, happiness and joy

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, …”        Charles Dickens

Big Yellow Taxi—————-Joni Mitchell         Woodstock————-Joni Mitchell

Carey——————————Joni Mitchell          California————–Joni Mitchell

Monday Monday–Mamas and The Papas   California Dreamin-Mamas and The Papas

Born To Be Wild—-Steppenwolf     Tambourine Man—–The Byrds  written by Bob Dylan

Me and Bobby McGee–Janis Joplin  written by Kris Kristofferson

Piece Of My Heart——Janis Joplin                                        This Is The End—The Doors

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down—-Joan Baez       written by Robbie Robertson

The Weight—The Band                          Message In A Bottle——————-The Police

Signs—-The Five Man Electrical Band       Here Comes The Sun——The Beatles

Same As It Ever Was——Talking Heads     Another Brick In The Wall——Pink Floyd


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