The Royal Prince Andrew

3500Being that I had the opportunity to briefly serve Prince Andrew, one time in my career and as he is currently embroiled in scandal, I’m rushing out on a limb to profile him. The motive of highlighting moment’s in the company of a well-known, to coattail my stature, isn’t a novel concept. Entrepreneurs have diligently deployed this marketing ploy, to repertoire their rubbing of shoulders while hobnobbing the famous and rich, as an approach for promoting popularity, into profit and success, since before the era of Napoleon Bonaparte. I’m simply removing pictures from the front lobby of many a fine restaurant I’ve worked, introducing perceptible images, transplanting results of my lengthy resume as head waiter, to drive interest towards my auto-biography. Political, philosophic and mathematical discussions in of themselves seem removed from excitement to the present day commoner, however add a pinch of controversy to discussion, might entice some persons curiosity to jolt. As they say, “to each their own” and drawing attention in a cyber-world of sudoku, call to power, limitless literature, schnapsen, poker, scrabble, political opinion, bridge, counter-strike, fake fruits falling with ever increasing speed, war-craft, chess, xiangqi, financial reports, briscola or the myriad of popular form of habit, is a task one mortal is disadvantaged to intrude. Hey, we all go down the proverbial rabbit hole, for the things we love. So if we should be successful in our attempts, we will have to send a “thank you” to Prince Andrew, for his invaluable Ambassadorship of England, framed during an increasingly inter-connected but always divided world, recognizing his human touch as contribution to the development of significant ideas. Aside the public speculations heaping upon him and insinuations of impropriety, I’m strong of the opinion, this man has powerful enemies, the likes which James Bond of fictional fame, couldn’t begin to fathom, in many embellishing movie sequels of one man’s fight against evil, for God and country. In the real world, Andrew is uniquely tutored and positioned, as soldier, sailor, prince.

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I’ve looked many a powerful in the eye, so when the boss halts your progress in the middle of the kitchen, while looking directly at you, dramatically extending his arm, points his finger at a direction behind his shoulder, into a wall and exclaims, “your serving Prince Andrew” is one of many reason’s, if your capable of enduring the stress and chaos, is why I waiter. Unanticipated adventure makes roller coasting or jet fighters comparatively dull and required duty, is to ensure everyone is enjoying the ride while nobody gets hurt, least of all your patrons. This sums up the foundation of my style. If your not having a good time, consider yourself dead, or taken by aliens. If you have issues and you can’t live with them, then I’m not your breed of servant. Procedure tended to example three possibilities. I could have been summoned by landline on previous evenings, requested to work, otherwise I’m already there, alert to knowing. Depending on the size of business but most likely a manager or subordinate, instructed by owner, if not owner for emphasis, regardless of which, in almost all cases, {99.2%} I will say, “When do you want me there?”  I cancel everything of marginal importance and reschedule my private life, short of surgery or compelling party. The second likelihood is an extended period of notification, in duration of most likely a week, but a sliding scale rarity, up to a full year, allowing for extreme preparation, should I holiday. This particular special event, the heart of a trendy spectacular setting in Yorkville, with the Duke of York, was a decision rendered by his host, impromptu. She may have mulled suggestions of a location, but I demur speculation because I wouldn’t be able to ascertain definitively. Having subsequently recalled, reading sporadic newspaper articles beginning two decades earlier, rumors of an enduring friendship, from Andrews schooling in Canada, may have reasoned as spot on, or could be altogether inaccurate. No matter, they were in my opinion familiar with each other and similar in age.

Springing into action from command, I entered to investigate our dining room, identifying the already seated prince and a female from the given coordinates of my awestruck, speechless leader. Immediately to one side of the swinging door at a place of projected arrival, stood erect but relaxed 006 and 008. They were everything you’d expect of British Intelligence Services. First thing I admired was the quality cloth of their sharply cut, tailored suits. They were older gentlemen but young enough to inflict serious damage to several villainous simultaneously, should a conflict arise, conjecturing fitness and all their must military martial art’s training. I was smitten with them instantly. I’ve seen all form of bodyguard, across a wide range of celebrity spectrum, in varying quantities and qualities, these guys were top gun. We had an interlude, as they sized me up, amounting to about three inches shorter than these two fit, chiseled, alert specimens. Having that the prince and entourage were our first and unannounced arrivals, all seating was made available for rearrangement, before we’d be needing to address our slew of lunch reservations, as witnessed from distance, the hostesses having already converged, were hurriedly preparing to re-process. Seemingly satisfied with our introductions, they began scanning for ideal placement to protect their assignment. I concurred with their obvious choice, a half wall covered by plant life, obscuring the gazebo from a further running elongated path to rear entrance, a second level corner table with a full view of all comings and goings in the main dining area. I escorted them to seating, promised to provide menu’s, understanding lunch procedural to their detail, pivoted and went directly some 20 meters to acknowledge the Prince and ask if he or guest had any immediate wishes and intuition their potential timeline.

Life is fleeting, fleeting as remembrances that strive for lingering and our history to remain a relevant reflection of who we are and how we lived. Looking steadfastly into a representative’s eyes with deep lineage, from the significant and powerful commonwealth monarchy, for a moment in my own life, I found fascinating. What did I see? My assessment of prince Andrew is sharp man with a sophisticated view of life, filled with experiences that most will never have opportunity, to glance. As I closed in to intrude his space, he intuitively paused his private dialogue to exchange formality with servant. Coddled since birth with attendants befitting royalty, dismissive of mundane repetitive doting, one should suspect a manner denoting such a lifestyle. Disarmingly, he was engaging, sincere as our eyes locked, most surely determining his safety and if amongst friend’s, because this prince is willing to venture into potential enemy territory, on a tactical whim. The facade of our establishment although elegant and upscale, could have masqueraded a tarnished underbelly some businesses strive to protect. Working colleagues and I weren’t forced comprehensive security checks. Our reputation must have carried as reliable, but how much credence be weighted to street gossip. Waiter’s in North America and less so other employee’s in our industry, are withheld subjugation of rigorous dependability requirements, at minimum to be demanded bondable, therefore resulting a transient nomadic work force. Split-second multiple divergences of psychological experiences and repetitious high-risk circumstance are a staple of decision making in prolific fine-dining. A priority responsibility to define success, is physical safety and onus finds differences, as an individual motivation. The emotional is intruded with streams of fluctuation. Hurt feelings conversely euphoria is the human condition.  In part, we protect the physical to continue the process of rationalization.  Collective welfare is paramount, beginning with the administration of food and ends with the arresting of any other recognizable potential dangers.


Upon the prince knowing, he would be well taken care of and with information of their dietary needs (no garlic), I went to find my chain of command and it’s state of stability. Perceived pressure can quickly disturb the hierarchy of a proprietorship, a condition I’ve usefully benefited, by utilizing a penchant for problem solving, to maintain my preferred front-line position as anchor. Upon a convened gathering of co-workers, I received updated orders from management, relinquished of initial responsibility, in a section containing the smoking lounge, to focus attention solely on these two tables of  consequence. It’s surprisingly frequent, this day and age, to cross paths with would be baronesses, viscounts, earls, marquise, still actively claiming legal hold, be it sincere or imagined, to deeds, titles and lands, from remnants of smaller kingdoms developed during feudalism. More so than other reasons, this group of seekers, likely contributes to continued elemental support to the ceremonial sustainability of the British Monarchy. I confess curiosity, mixed with romance, for sword, shield, and horse, displayed in pageantry.  To kiss a frog or princesses, is fantasy, books are made of and merchandising turned into wealth, contributing to continued folklore. Prince Andrew seemed the most authentic of British royals was a conceived notion I fostered, from prior his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, the “Duchess of York” and reinforced because I considered her to be admirably kind, strong, tough, sincere woman. Having stated these beliefs in this way, to sorority and fraternity types, supposedly created to protect these institutions of tradition, the reaction of the upper crust was to be offended, as if so ordinary and regular my opinion, I must be naive. Maybe they’re correct. I always draw on my instincts and make my own conclusions.1913481

I don’t pretend to be the superhero type, who craves blocking a hail of bullets or to haphazardly throw himself on a bomb to save a potential target, if I even be capable of this kind of chivalry. Although, there is an ingrained desire to protect the flock and leader, without judgement, should they be described worthy. If one can simply contribute with the occasional swiftness in emergency, for instance call an ambulance during a stroke or heart-attack, well that’s wonderful. The Heimlich maneuver, please chew thoroughly. Mouth to mouth, I take my rendezvous from any potential opportunity God provides. Syringes, personally avoiding hard drugs unless presented with a medical situation or for a sole controlled, experimental, presumably humanitarian purpose. Point is, soldiering, gardening, policing, nursing, doctoring, virus control, snow shoveling, deicing, firefighting, fire creating, pest control, poison control, psychiatry, photography, social work ….. and a litany of other chores I’m not qualified to do, even if equipped with some legislated government certificates and a lifetime craving for knowledge, are generally outside the depths of my ability. Therefore, I take action to avoid scenarios, early in potential sequences, to prevent extremes, whereby I would become ineffective and have inadvertently jeopardized someones life. Since I’m still gainfully employed, “knock on wood”.

Three hours on, the prince still graced us with presence, our staff majestically fulfilling it’s objectives, as everything was satisfyingly uneventful but for the sun beaming it’s cheery permeation and a hum of respectful pleasantry exchanging between our following of impressed clients. Nary heard in our efficacy, a crashing of cutlery or fine china. Word traveling quick this early of the week working day, representative’s of the business elite and shopper’s from creme de la creme district of Toronto, caused full our capacity 240 persons and drew an additional 120 for a successful second sitting. I was withdrawn all reason to dither, instead obscure in service of the prince because he was obviously content with reminisce his enamoring companion. Alternatively I engaged his attache’s, sharing lighthearted laughter with perspective, whilst in our observation of a laid back afternoon luncheon. Initially, as is always working habit, I obsessed pacing our inner and outer perimeter as if sentry, sensing the aura of our busy establishment. It became quickly evident our public was intent to behave their Sunday best, as still I continued alert, for harbinger of an unintended incident. Growingly we were mutual, then unison, joyed to have privilege of Royal Visit to our heartland and accordingly behaved as if Mounties ordered at ease, de facto guards in the court of our beloved Kingdom of Britannia. It was brilliant. I interject here with personal reflection, to openly display my prejudice, as long we be allowed thought, having lived before and after the birth of Canada’s nationhood, would alternatively, have preferred a remained colony of the Dominion. As loyal immigrant subject, I consider it demise, to have vanquished an elegant common heritage to hurtle ourselves forward into unknown, only to eventually succumb of lowest common denominator. Speaking as a self pledged environmentalist-farmer studying Canada as economic entity, unsustainable in present form and policy, should it continue simply for greed as in what was referred to ironically the green stuff, now the plastic stuff, will eventually fulfill swallowing it’s viability. As eager we rushed to extract our self determination, the privilege of independence squandered under a lonely misguided guise of unique perspective, exiling us dramatically from a far too distant home, we will similarly sell to absorption, sooner than later to a North South solution. Having too strikingly become a melting pot we acquiesced our deciphering taste’s to a hocus pocus quickening motion of molecules, falling prey to artificial genetic modification and it’s misdirected hodgepodge, disabling even limited semblances of discernment for significant requisite aspects that make necessary for a strong enduring society…… Painfully, I may be running obsolete as if dunsel but not because prudish simply against the watering down of all support based platitudinal distinctions  innocently against dilutting and overwhellming a society of  it’s core beliefs and a falsehood of betterment without evidence. Much as the attempt by some of science to replace the concept of God, is merely the attempt to disprove an omnipotent and destroy motivation for mankind to continue. Should we uniformly truly succeed in believing the destruction of God we would in all likelihood cease to exist as a species.  For Myself it permitted allocating additional time to compounding my initial opinions with evidence’s of character for Andrew”s two distinguished soldiers. associates and permitted expanded my speculation Permitted time  extra we served  but for pleasantry. a successful acheivement for our adminisration and a feather in our cap.outside of imediate family relationships are thin even thiner as traveller and diplomatthere’s a strong possibility that my three hours were more sincere than any meeting with a world leader that year how much do any of them really get to know each other. the prince is probably an open book relative toother country leaders who can hide behind the obscurity definless

I remember from my childhood when I first discovered what my parent’s having to copulate to have me and feeling uncomfortable, I remember when kissing the girl I liked was everything a man could want. Then I remeber the extreme’s to this innocence and wonder how everything good about man is lost by the evil that rises to control our better dispositions and how we wish to never relise that reality.

A form of centuries old adverizing from shakespeare and on


the prince was enamoured with reminisce so the more obscure my being the better my projected success. I used most of my time observing casually from distance with his security detail and occasionally performing sentry to convince all is well.

it isn’t difficult to to pedistel the queen

Do I think that prince andrew is some kind of deviant, no I’ve rubbed shoulders with deviants as part of my job discription. I don’t see it. But many os the sick are eager to accuse.

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the royal family This anamour



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stepping sideways I wanted to acknowledge here,  a tribute to Shakespeare

I think anybody that dosen’t believe this guy knows the score is dillusional or fighting obsolete wars and yesteryear policy positions. The universe as understood by us has dramatically altered as we hurddle toward an unknown without guidance and the obsolete monarchy with it. The scope of his world is significant because it runs up and down the food chain unlike no other any other within the monarchy and maybe be the reason many want to destroy his reputationIf your talking about a guy whose seen it all or done it all and mainained an intelligent perspective makes him impressive. I think he thrives from the responsibility.

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when people begin to diminish what other people care about, it won’t be long before they find that destruction is a two way street.

I don’t believe in anyone corrupting the innocent, there are enough places for the likeminded demented to meet without intruding on the space of the undefined.

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I would be hugely disappointed if rumors are true

I don’t know how he finds the time for family yet the real symbol of the monarchy is the concept of family some are odd some re deformed some are brilliant and some have meet tragic ends in there entirety when the population seems ready to agreive intorable conditions. this is a heavy burden that with Andrew is sincere but his approach is brave and determined. on the policy side of this equation I haven’t the time to thesis a defining argument. However, as a person I admire his approach and approach is a predeterming factor of impact and success.

I generally like people that most don’t because generally they’re not liked because they are diffrent and interseting and have perspective’s that are unique or misunderstood or difficult to understand. Not always I can dislike or like a consensus but these people tend to be definitive

recently I had the pleasure of viewing some of the extrodinsry photo’s of the Royal family at the McMicheal gallery as some of the working staff indulged me in off hour viewing which I thank many of my acquantances from this marvelous Canadian institution for the permsision and added hospitality. It was a truly spectacular visual insight into history.

physcological internal and externl forces but watch out for the moralistic media hounds there isn’t a place for abuse of the innocent, we already have enough problems

the teatoddling group that leads societies into war from their private gossip chambers that openly chastize and moralizeand have issue with his behaviourand this uniformed condescending opinion that holds thier hatred together like a glue of the most real royalas  if they have some kind of moral superiority similar to people who sing loudest in church and pray hardest are closer to God than the rest. Queen probably told her favorite don’t be like me Repunsel stuck behind the castle walls live a little and be free, thats why I like Sarah down to earth.

I feel to bind Europe countries together under one finacial umbrela is a cruel and unusual punishment. Expand this argument

there are truisms and there are fabrications and there are manipulations

I don’t have anything against anybody but don’t come into my space to resolve your issues under disguise of understanding and improving my life more than myself.

I sympatize and understand when andrew with humility lays the statement apologizising for letting his side down” I certainly don’t feel that

An arbritary marginal line that finds diffrences in juristiction amid particular century when deviated evr  an aftslightly while in view of eaugually eager womenhood seems more like an afterthought of spilt milk. and dens of ieequiety that soldiers keep be searched for scoundrel to find a soiled or tainted lass as later fact be brought to ineoendo. However, if something truly insepiede be involved I don’t condone the breaking of anyone’s innocence of any age by anyone, but sometimes descions are made in a vacuum and if it be shown as true a repetitive diet of obvious abuse than the authorities be they true should bring to bear a full unbridled prosecution of law I think this is much ado about feind outrage by those who have a chip on their shoulder or grudge about the the British Monarchy. Power does that

think he’s confident, carismatic, loyal, responsible, man of the people and not to break his cover underestimated. Genetics will forgive him from kingship nevertheless his role in the monarchy is etched as important and an everlasting. His service  contribution to a continued survival of the monarchy and by extension service to his people. Therefore many enemies. Long live the Queen


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