Ellen And Anne

We all know how it is if you live long enough “Your all in, until suddenly you realize your all out”.

They were placed at what was considered to be the best table in the house, should the weather be terrific. A vestibule, turned sci-fi galactic module, overseeing the outside passersby, ornamented with fine crafted large wooden bay windows, aggrandized by superior furniture, sparkled with exotic domestic fauna, prominent identically to the inner dining area, was somehow constructed to be private although central to the busiest corridor and basically everything could see you, should that be important. Design factors in making the better restaurants, fast.

The two were my first noteworthy adventure of this day. Sometimes these things get orchestrated during immediacy by someone in control but this was whimsical and the generationally younger hostesses hadn’t any sense as to who it was they had seated, more so nor did I until years later there was significance. When I presented to provide service to this pair of human beings, they were in the midst of perusing their menus, was the assumption. Angry and hungry are a crucible combination. Domestic dispute festering, tends to over top volatility. Misfortunately I’ve been on either side of this ludicrous, preferring to be observer with shield and a reason to avoid law enforcement as an employment means of staying alive. Both parties were sideways eyeing divided pages, stretching facially furthest away from the other, heads tilted upward proud as though intentionally allowing a closer exposure of the sun to touch their rosy red hot cheeks. They were irrevocable, had they even digested my formal well rehearsed utterances . “I’ll be back”, was met without resistance or shrug and probably had been received as bird in conglomerations chirping. Server physically departs stage to his perch, waiting in distant observation to be summoned or willed a return when proper.

I was muttering indignant that my starting customers were abnormally hostile to each other and would require the applicable delicate, tiptoeing avoidance of a dumpster fire spillover. These things commonly happen to a server but should patrons be burdened with a mischievous malicious soulless, can choose rather to revel as a fuelling instigator than placate as silent lubricating mitigator. Sorry them. Under less desperate circumstances I would have passed on this torture to co-working benevolent who specialize in this kind of heavy fighting thing but it would be so obviously wrong to them and payback would be a bitch. So bite a lip and firm up for todays early detour from happiness. Waitresses I’d shared social outings, also hovering our mutual vantage, brushing against my shoulder on either side, sympathized this grim annoyance and aware of my limited awareness to trends, gracious to console by diversion, instilling at minimum a passing sense of purpose in serving privilege, despite the projected suffering. “You know who that is”? The other cut in not to be outdone spotting the stars, meaning they hadn’t conferred while sharing sensitivities lightheartedly funning my misery, “that’s Ellen DeGeneres, she’s a comedian, everyone knows her”. Hard to laugh, funny it ain’t and where would we mine for material to have entertainment? Pathos when overcome provides gut splitting plenty upon reflection. Hostility holds attractiveness by it’s blatant sincerity. Difficult to maintain madness unless that’s what you’re all about. Then it’s ugly.

As it was, it all went down without a hitch as they held decorum during their sparing calisthenics in anger management and I maintained my distance, speaking only when spoken to, having recognized early in my career appropriate steps to undertaking people carrying on their sleeve, hurt feelings. All of this would have been a forgotten blip hadn’t my associates shoved an airways turned to picture print article in my face the following afternoon, detailing abrupt celebrity break-up, distinguishing that the two had surely parted ways. So much for having space to mourn. Hey, it’s the industry of all publicity is useful and needed as vitalizing focus on the persona’s. Otherwise no incoming cottage percentages for lawyers, agents, masseuse and handlers +,+,+. Still I would have erased this from registering hadn’t I confused Heche as an actress from the brilliant heavy hitting film “Pulp Fiction” and in preparation recently uncovered my mistake. In around that summer Tarantino had strolled Queen Street and glancing him while pedestrians gawked somehow led to throw identities of his cast askew. So for this reason DeGeneres and Heche clung as clout until several bygones I discovered Ellen had her own show. Rare it be for work schedule and hobby to intersect with early prime time however on occasion would catch her interviewing people that I’d also served independently and of course this recurring coincidence was always intriguing.

While formulating this blog to revive nostalgic memory I tuned in to Ellen’s final four day “Farewell Tour”. Soft fluff isn’t my bag but dementia mom and I enjoyed the antics. Far better than stressing the terror of news. Have to appreciate Ellen’s ability to pulse for this lengthy distance because being humorous and interesting on daily demand takes courage, including that initial leap of faith, as on the other side of this many have failed their ambitions and endured heartbreaking rejections. Have to respect that, aside from comprehending it, or wanting to. Shame they are shutting her down now as light entertainment for a growing ageing population, you’d think would demand more of her. The powers that be always seem to know how to cancel a good thing.

Cry Me A River ——-Justin Timberlake. So What ———Pink

You Oughta Know ——Alanis Morissette. Trouble ———Coldplay

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