World Cup at the Colosseum!

Sometimes history and modernity combine to highlight the best and worst of the human condition with the most poignant of life’s moments realized at the intersection of something good and something bad.

For me, thiscolosseum is where the converging of the Colosseum and Soccer can allow us to encounter this sense of triumph. The idea about hosting a soccer match in the Colosseum in Rome came to me sometime during the 2014 World Cup event. It was in the midst of the FIFA media coverage of the Arena Amazonia that sparked a sense of possibility. I thought, how about a soccer match in Italy within the Colosseum? Would it be possible?

Many months have passed since that initial thought and over that time I have shared this idea with family, confidents and friends, hoping that others might be as enthused. Some have expressed real interest while others have barely returned the phone call. And over that time I have seriously wondered whether my idea might be foolhardy; merely an idealistic notion that should remain hidden from view. However many days later and many months along, I continue to feel a sense of urgency that I need to carry this forward.

Recently I read that the RoSoccer Imagema soccer President is hoping to have his club play a match in the Colosseum. One step closer to making it a reality – especially when those with the resources get on board to make it so.

Now while those ‘others’ with resources consider the reality, I will work on the virtual sense of what I originally imagined; a FIFA World Cup match in the Colosseum. Stay Tuned!

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