Amphitheatre hosts World Cup Spirit

The football World Cup hosted every four years brings the global community together, with memorable moments large and small. In 2014, a subtle yet pivotal event occurred that captured the spirit of football and the amphitheatre. Setting the stage for the first match between Brazil and Croatia during the 2014 World Cup, the Croatian Times reported on the opportunity for nationals and visitors to collectively experience just such a moment within the historical Pula Amphitheatre.


Brazil would go on to win 3-1 against Croatia, likely generating a downer mood for the thousands who came to celebrate victory. But what happened that evening of June 12, 2014 will be reinvigorated twenty years in the future.

Moving toward 2034, the proposal to feature a FIFA World Cup in the Colosseum will surely provide a further encounter, of the Roman kind. The site of Colosseum will host the global village to witness the first match and history in the making.  Simultaneously,  the crowds will come together in Pula Croatia, El Djem Tunisia and Nimes France to experience the spirt and oneness of the football within the greatest stadiums of all time; the Amphitheatres.  Will you be there?

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